3 Types of Bomber Jacket Every Trendy Girl Should Have

3 Types of Bomber Jacket Every Trendy Girl Should Have








Outfit Details

Bomber Jacket: Chelsea 28 – Nordstrom | Tee Shirt: Topshop | Skinny Jeans: Madewell | Booties: Simply Vera Wang (see my previous post for details) | Choker: Free People

How cute is this pink and black bomber jacket!?  I absolutely love the little flower details on this jacket and pale pink is one of my favs, so this jacket was basically made for me.  However, if you’re into something a little more subtle, it reverses into a totally solid jacket!  I love that!

I’ve seen amazing bomber jackets in literally every store I’ve entered lately!  But, I find myself thinking “How many bomber jackets is too many?  How many do I really need in my wardrobe?”  I thought it over, and decided I need to slow my roll on the bomber jacket trend.  Haha!  Should I have a few of them?  Heck yes!  Do I need to buy every one that I am obsessing over?  No.  There are three styles of bomber jacket that I think every trendy girl should have ONE of and they are as follows:

The Sporty Bomber.


This one might have stripes on the sleeves, or patches of some sort to resemble a varsity jacket.  I would categorize my bomber above as a sporty one, even though it is pink and floral, because of the stripes down the arm and the “baseball tee” color blocking.

The Glitzy Bomber.

Product Image, click to zoom  

This one most likely has sequins!  I still have yet to add a glitzy bomber to my wardrobe, but I have seen some good ones out there.  You can wear this fancier version with a dress or out to dinner for a more elevated bomber style.

The Embroidered Bomber.

 Product Image, click to zoom  Product Image, click to zoom

This is one of my favorites and is what I see the most of.  Detailed embroidery on the back of a bomber is so trendy and also has a bit of edginess.

I hope this has helped the rest of my bomber obsessed ladies out there!



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