70’s Embroidered Flare

70’s Embroidered Flare

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Outfit Details:

Free People

Tee | Bralette | Flares | Necklace

Please excuse the lack of visual aesthetics in this post.  Photo shoot day was a bit gloomy and we ran out of sunlight too early, but I feel passionate about these jeans, so I had to post them!  I have a love for all things 60’s and 70’s inspired, so it should come as no surprise that I’m super into these embroidered wide-leg jeans.  My hubby, Kruz, was a little shocked when I pulled these out of my shopping bag.  But I suspect shock is the reaction of many husbands of ladies who have purchased these, because everyone is so used to the skinny jeans that have taken center stage for the past few years.  I’m eager for some change and ready to switch up the silhouettes in my wardrobe.  Who’s with me?

Skinny jeans are great for flowy blouses and other tops with lots of volume, so don’t get me wrong, they will still be a staple in my wardrobe.  Bottoms with volume and a larger silhouette are perfect for the opposite kind of tops.  Crop tops, tight layering tops, body suits, and even a simple tee tucked in would look great with these wide leg pants.  My rule is to always have balance in an outfit.

If you’re wondering where to wear 70’s inspired threads…Coachella!  Festival season is the perfect time for the bright embroidery colors as well as the flower child vibe they give off.  I’m definitely wishing I got to experience Coachella or had any music festivals to look forward to for that matter.  Luckily we had amazing weather today, so I could roam around outside and pretend I was in the California desert :p

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