About Me

Hello Blog World!

Most of my readers right now are close friends and family (Thanks a million for reading and following my blog! I love you all!  Your continued support during my blog growth means more than you can imagine.)

For those of you who don’t know me, Hi! My name is Alicia Schrann.  I am twenty-some years old and newly married.  I studied Fashion Merchandising at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and have a total passion for fashion.  Excuse the oh-so typical phrase.  I work in the fashion industry, but my dream is to have a successful blog that inspires others to be passionate about fashion and all the beautiful, creative aspects of everyday life.

There are lots of exciting things happening in my life right now, like buying our first home, starting a new job, planning to start a family, and launching my blog of course!  I hope I will convince you to follow along on my fashion journey and maybe even the occasional home renovation update or travel experiences.  Most of all, I hope I will get to know some of you out there who follow me and help me grow in this new part of my life.  Please don’t hesitate to give me feedback.