Embellished Blouse

Embellished Blouse


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Outfit Details

Fur Coat: Forever 21 on sale $39.99 | Blouse: Forever 21 | Bralette: Free People | Denim Skirt: Free People only $58 | Shoes: Free People

Hey everyone!  So I have been absent for a while…oops.  But, last weekend I decided I needed to get it together and do some blogging prep, so my husband and I went to one of our favorite parks in the area, Ridley Creek State Park, to take some outfit photos.  I love nature, so I was super excited to take advantage of the nice weather and get outside for a little bit.  There is just something about being in a forest or a field in the country or sitting by the ocean, that truly calms my soul.  I can’t even tell you how ready I am for spring!

As you can tell from the photos, I had a slight wardrobe malfunction.  The buttons on the back of my blouse popped off, so the collar wasn’t tight around my neck like it should have been.  That’s what I get for shopping at Forever 21!  Don’t get me wrong, I love their product lately, but it is definitely hit or miss when it comes to quality.  I guess I’m willing to take the chance on quality for the amazing price point.  Luckily I was wearing my Free People bralette, so I didn’t have to worry about being exposed.  Haha.

As for the denim Free People skirt, I LOVE IT!! I am so happy to welcome denim skirts back into my wardrobe.  My heart was crushed when they became “unpopular” during my college years.  Thank God fashion is cyclical and trends from my youth are coming back around.  It’s a little scarey to think that I am old enough to have seen the same trends twice in my lifetime already!

Ok, well, it’s 11:28 on a Friday night, so I should probably go act like a 27 year old while I can!  Love you all!  Peace and love <3

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