Topshop from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Topshop from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Outfit Details:

Everything is Topshop from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!

Bodysuit: $39.90 after sale $60 | Denim Skirt: $35.90 after sale $55 | Camo Jacket: $48.90 after sale $75 | Ankle Boots: $99.90 after sale $150

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have some super exciting things happening in my life that are very time consuming. ie. flipping our new home!!  I can’t wait to get some rooms done so that I can share the transformations with you.  I know this is a fashion blog, but I feel like fashion and home decor go hand in hand.  You can’t live fashionably in a shabby home (unless it is shabby chic of course LOL).  Even though we are crazy busy with renovations, I had to take a time out to get to the anniversary sale so that I could share my finds with you all 🙂

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of my favorite shopping events of the year!  Nordstrom gets amazing fall product in before any other department store, and not only do they have it for you before anyone else, they sell it to you at sale prices!!  How awesome is that!?  And to top it all off, Nordstrom Card holders get early access to all the great sale product!  Rewards members get first dibs for a whole week before the sale is open to the public.

It’s so hard for me to think about fall clothing when I feel like summer has just begun, but I had to get my hands on some of these great sale pieces!  This camo shirt jacket is going to be one of my favorite layering items this fall.  I am all about a great band or graphic tee with some sort of jacket, and I know this camo one will be so perfect!  This whole outfit is super 90’s and I’m loving it.  I totally welcome all of the 90’s fashion trends that are circling back to us like denim mini skirts, zipper details, camo, grunge, chokers, etc.  It all reminds me of my childhood and of course the Spice Girls, who were my style icons!  Does it mean I’m old if I have lived to see a trend happen twice?  Oh well if it does! I’m diggin’ it!

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